Wk 42(2017) Badlands of South Dakota

This roll of Portra 400 was shot in the area around Wall SD. We visited the Minuteman Missile silo national monument and the Badlands national park.


This is the back side of the hatch covering a decommissioned Minuteman silo. In the event of a launch, the hatch would be propelled toward the camera position, clearing the entrance to the silo. And about thirty minutes later, civilization would come to an end.


These are some buttes near the eastern entrance of Badlands National Park.

More images are posted on my wordpress blog.

Photographed using a Mamiya 6, 50mm wide angle lens, and Kodak Portra 400 color negative film shot at EI of 360. Developed at Old School Labs.

2 thoughts on “Wk 42(2017) Badlands of South Dakota

    • I’ve recently became a big fan of Kodak Portra. I really like the natural colors. I’d stopped shooting color film years ago when ektachrome went away. So it has been fun to rediscover shooting color film.

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