52 Rolls Week 43:52

Still on our road trip through the Plains.  Many interesting things seen along the way….So I will pose the question to you.  What is this?



The story is, we had stopped at a roadside rest area along the interstate highway when I spied this going on across the road.  So what are they loading in the truck?

Tech Info: Minolta X-700 with Tamron 28-200 zoom lens; Kodak Portra 400 developed and scanned by Old School Labs.

6 thoughts on “52 Rolls Week 43:52

    • Yep! Tasty baking potatoes. I had never seen potatoes harvested or transported. Interesting truck design also. And they are obviously very durable……

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        • It was weird…I was watching them load these trucks….and it had to be something other than rocks…….right next to the rail road tracks too. Then I noticed the harvesting equipment. It also sounded like falling potatoes when I got closer. You know, that thud when you drop a potato on the floor.

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