Honkfest West Yashica A TLR

I shot these Yashica TLR photos back in June, and have just finished scanning them.

Honkfest is a street band festival that happens in many cities around the U.S. at different times of the year.  Tons of bands come into town and play for 3 days in different locations around the city.   Boston, NY, Austin, Seattle, Portland, etc.

I really like the square format, and always want to shoot more with it, when I see the photos.  Looking down into the camera makes the angle lower too.  Chest or waist level.  This gives them a classic look.   So many photos we see now are from eye level.


I have lots more photos at http://www.espressobuzz.net/Events/2017/Honkfest.   I haven’t had time to even look at most of the digital photos I shot, much less edit them yet.

Hope you’re having a good December!

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