Wk43(2017) Fort Lupton Blacksmithing demo

Well after a long absence I’m back. This winter I just burned out on developing an scanning. So after a couple of months break, I developed my backlog of film from 2017 and this last weekend scanned everything.

Today’s post is roll 43 plus a half. I wanted to keep all of the images of the same theme together. Next time will be a short roll.

Back in the middle of October of 2017, the wife and I went to the town of Fort Lupton Colorado to visit the The South Platte Valley Historical Society’s blacksmithing demonstration. It is held at the historical society’s recreation of Fort Lancaster, an adobe trading fort from the 1840’s. Whenever possible, the society tried to remain true to the building methods of the time, so it is quite an impressive structure.

The remainder of the shots are posted on my personal wordpress site. I tried deleting some of my older images to make room, but that doesn’t seem to have cleared enough space to post anything new.

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