Back in the Groove (Almost)

It’s been way too long since I’ve posted anything on I could make lots of excuses but it’s mostly because I had been letting a long standing physical disorder get the best of me. In the last couple of months I’ve managed to turn things around and get myself thinking about life and all the cool things going on around me instead of how much I hurt. Not too surprisingly the change of attitude and being more physically active has lessened the muscle pains considerably. A side effect is that I’m a lot more pleasant to be around and I’m a lot more happy with myself and my life in general. So much for where I’ve been.

It’s more interesting to me to look forward to where I’m going. I’ve sold off or given away all but a handful of my film cameras and have settled in with an oldie but goodie Olympus EVOLT E-510 digital. My new film menagerie consists of a nice Moskva 5 from, a Graflex Crown Graphic 4×5 given to me by my friend Bruce Seymour in Enid, Oklahoma and a cool Graflex Century Graphic I traded for. Other than that there’s an Argus C44, a Canon FTb QL and a couple of point and shoots.

It feels really good to have some control over my gear. I won’t call it a collection because I’m not collecting anymore. Any camera I acquire is strictly for fun – fixing up and shooting.

My first ‘return to’ pics were taken with the Moskva 5. It’s in very good condition and came with the rare-as-hens-teeth metal 6×6 mask. This is the 2nd camera I’ve bought from Fedka and I’ve been happy with both. The price is going to be maybe 30 to 40% higher than you could find one on eBay or elsewhere but there’s a 10 day period to try and return if you’re not happy with your purchase. Also their gear is checked out thoroughly and graded as to condition. It also is shipped from the US so no waiting weeks and worrying that you might end up with a non-working junker and that it might take forever to get any satisfaction (if ever).

The camera:

Shutter: Moment-24S (the S is for the flash Sync), the speeds are B, 1 – 1/250s.
Lens: Industar-24, F=10.5cm, 1:3.5, coated. This 4-element lens is capable of producing sharp and contrasty images.

The shots were taken around my office in Lakewood, Colorado USA using Ultrafine Xtreme 400.

Pics are on my personal WordPress Blog.

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