#5.3 [Pollux]: My Personal Holga

With all respect and condolence: This is why I don’t need a Holga.
Agfa Isolette | Rollei Retro 400s | 1600 | Microphen | 16 mins

Using a Pentax Espio 738G

This roll of film was a case of “using” rather than “testing” as I did not put the camera through its paces very thoroughly. I tend to shy away from zoom lens point and shoot film cameras. They have very slow lenses and usually not great optics as well, especially when zoomed. However, I came…

Testing a Bencini C.M.F. Erno

  Today’s post comes from a Bencini CMF Erno that I recently got with a bag of 35mm cameras. I have written¬†a detailed illustrated post about this camera that has been published on my blog at the same time as this one, you can find it here. The Erno is a 6×9 120 film folder,…