week 37 tlf: Sept 10-16, 2015

the project’s failure wasn’t total – perception was well encouraged. +++ From September, a week out east – three days in New York City, three days in Boston. These are all from NYC. Shot with Leica M6ttla nd 28/2, 50/1.4, on Ilford XP2.

week 27-36 tlf: July 2-Sept 9, 2015

Well, I’m still trying to get some film shot, but it’s obvious that I’ve fallen down on this project. A busy summer, combined with acquiring a new work camera that I needed to devote some attention to, meant having to drop my efforts here. I’ll still try and get a few posts up. I did…

week 25-26 tlf: June 18 – July 1, 2015.

Two more weeks of pics – some kayaking in Milwaukee, some family-time on Father’s Day, some time at the Jersey Street Music Festival, and a few pics of my niece who is growing up way too fast. All pics from Leica M6ttl and 28/2 or 50/1.4 on Ilford XP2.

week 22-24 tlf: May 28-June17, 2015.

Another week (or two) and I see that I once again have a lot to be thankful for. If this project has done nothing else, it has regularly reminded me of the really nice people I am fortunate to have in my life. In this post, there is: a picnic with Shana and Brent, and…

week 21 tlf: May 21-28, 2015.

This week of photographing covered Memorial Day weekend, and that meant seeing my mom perform in the local parade, as a saxophone player with the community band. After the parade, a number of my family members and I went to a local nature/animal preserve and had a real nice walk. As with other weeks, there…

Week 15-20 tlf: April 9-May 20, 2015

Sigh, still am not back on the appropriate Make More Photos Train, but I just bought 10 more rolls of film today, so it IS going to happen! Here’s some snaps from the past month – a walk along the river, some time with Mom and Dad, breakfast with a good friend, some friends’ going-away…

Week 12/13/14 tlf: March 19-April 8, 2015

This past month it has been hard, as a working photographer and busy Milwaukee socialite 😉 to get all my film shot. I finally got some two rolls shot, processed, and scanned. I am going to renew my efforts to get properly on schedule. Week 15 is at the lab now, and Week 16 >WILL<…

Week 9, tlf: Feb 26-Mar 4, 2015

This week began and ended, coincidentally, with my friend, Jessica, and coffee. It also included teachers and students preparing for a photo-walk, nuns, geeky-nerdcore hip-hop, and a photographer friend at a party.

Week 8, tlf: Feb 19-25

A busy morning at Stone Creek Coffee, my weekly appointment with Mae, karaoke at Studio Lounge, and ice-fishing on the Milwaukee River. All with Leica M6ttl and 28/2 or 50/1.4 on Ilford XP2.

week 7, tlf: Feb 12-18

More coffee with friends – this time with Peggy, a little library, some after-school lecturing about photography, a meeting, and a Fat Tuesday celebration. Leica M6ttl and 28/2.

week 5, tlf: Jan 29-Feb 4

Work was real busy this week, and I didn’t get out to make many photos. In fact, the only night I made photos was the last day of this week! But, I did get to make photos at a great event – the “Art Carnival: We Heart Superheroes!” – a drawing/burlesque event, with a super-hero…