Week #46 The cemetery again

Inge week 46_1

In week 8 I mentioned there’s a cemetery near my house, that I like to visit. I went there again in week 46. The reason why I like to visit, is the fact that it looks more like a park than a cemetery. Especially during the fall, the trees look beautiful, with all kinds of yellow and red shades. It was just after the rememberance day for WWI. There are some war graves on the cemetery and the British always leave their poppies on those graves.

Inge week 46_2

Inge week 46_3

Inge week 46_4Polaroid SX-70 and Impossible BW film

Inge week 46_5

Inge week 46_6

Inge week 46_7Olympus OM-1n and expired 200 iso drugstore film

Inge week 46_8

Inge week 46_9LC-A+ and Lomography Xpro Slide 200

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