Fresno cemetery and Fuji Wide60

I bought this Fuji Wide60 from a friend without knowing if it worked.   It does, but it has a few issues.

  1. one of the bits on the bottom of the camera that’s supposed to push in and hold your roll in place doesn’t stay in.   Fortunately, this doesn’t seem to matter at all.
  2. The focusing rangefinder needs some lubrication.  I found a page describing what to do, but just haven’t had time to fix it.    The focusing guide frame moves, but just a little slowly at one end of the range.

Nonetheless, its an easy, light, compact way to shoot 6×45.

I took it to a cemetery near Fresno, CA.


Its easy to zone focus, but i wanted to also see if I could use the rangefinder to focus on close stuff and get a shallow DOF, and it did fine with that.

If I didn’t have any other small lightweight 645 cameras, I’d be using this one all the time.  (too many cameras, too little time)     So I’m going to sell this one when I get around to it.

Hey, its year-end, but I still have more film to post here!   🙂   I’ve really enjoyed sharing photos with the group!



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