Week 13: 4×5 in the Auto Graflex

An Auto Graflex is a fun way to shoot 4×5 because its an SLR, with a big mirror, which allows you to use a wide aperture and then shoot immediately after focusing , as opposed to most 4×5 cameras, whose view is obscured by a film holder for a little while before shooting.  This makes the Auto Graflex more spontaneous.   Here’s a wonderful photo of some guys shooting a baseball game.  And here’s another wonderful photo.

The film is held in a magazine which holds 12 or 18 shots.  You advance the film by pulling a metal holder into a bag at the end, and pushing it onto the top of the pile of holders inside the magazine.   It has a dark slide, and can be easily removed from the camera.  Some of these cameras have a rotating back, though many just shoot in landscape format.

The camera seems to have some vignetting..or some small leak somewhere.  I’m not too concerned, as it gives the photos a unique look.

It’s widest aperture is f/4.5.  I love a shallow depth of field, so I always shoot it with that.   Its really fun to look through to compose and see that shallow depth of field with both eyes, which is a bit different than our usual one-eye peeking through cameras.

These photos are a bit grainy & uneven – probably because I’m shooting 1998 TMAX.

Here’s a photo of Jana & Kat looking at some 1962 World’s Fair slides I had just bought at an estate sale.Image


In this shot, I forgot to advance the film through the magazine to the next shot, and got a double exposure.ImageImageImage


I’ll have a bunch more shots from this camera in the next week.  I just developed a bunch last night.

I wish I shot with this camera more.  Its a hoot to use, and people are receptive to getting their pictures taken with it.

5 thoughts on “Week 13: 4×5 in the Auto Graflex

    • It can, but if you just appear busy and don’t make more eye contact with strangers than usual, they often don’t even notice it. But yeah, any old camera can draw out photography nerds. Like us.


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