Roll #21: Back on the Bike…

I haven’t been riding my bike as much as I should.  I had some minor success using the combination of public transportation and my bike in the past, and being that the Texas Summer is over (and we had a mild one this year), I need to hit the streets to make up some ground.

Here’s me using the bike to get to a section of town that has bars and liquor stores!

Drive Thru

You have to remind everyone, that places around the store or bar are not to be used as bathrooms…I don’t know if the scissors is supposed to be a potentially painful reinforcement of this?

No Pee

Hip Hop, R&B, and Rap are coming soon (they have been for at least 3 months in this club…)

Hip hop R&B Rap

Even if they never come, you can still dance at this place, just a short 25 ft walk away…


Liquor to your right:


Not here though, a watchful scottie tells you to use the other door.

Other Door

Beer, Wine, ‘Murica

murica liquor

This bar has billards, and you can play 8-ball with bikini-clad women here

8 Ball Ladies

This bar supports our local sporting teams, also with women in bikinis…

Mavs Football

I have another roll coming soon with more two wheeled exploration!

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