Week 1: One Thing Leads to Another

Have you ever made the choice to start a project and found that one thing begets another?


That’s how I’ve been feeling for the past few days. After making the decision to participate in this project my brain was on fire with some really great ideas. I wanted to do a gear shot, a film stock shot, an introductory post and a few other things. Getting any one of those things done meant doing something else, like clearing a small studio space. That meant putting away Christmas decorations and organizing the office. Which meant I had to move some furniture around. Then I started thinking about how to optimize the space I did have.

Meanwhile I wasn’t out taking any actual photos.

Last night I came to the realization that I was simply putting things off. Making excuses. Allowing my fear and self-doubt get the better of me! It’s easy to rationalize things like this when you’re thinking how awesome a photo of all the film cameras will look and after all who doesn’t like camera porn? Except that photo isn’t being produced because I’m too worried about getting it just right. At this rate we’re never going to get anywhere.

So I developed the two rolls of film I shot earlier this week during a sporting clays outing with friends. Some of you may be thinking “MURICA!” and “GUNS!” but it’s not really like that. This is the only shooting activity I’ve ever seen somebody wear a tweed jacket for, although that’s definitely not our style.

Here are a few selections. Some are scratched up either from the canister (I re-use mine) or doing the squeegee action with my fingers after developing.

For the gear-heads and technical types out there here are the specs:

  • Nikon F4
  • 50mm Nikkor f/1.8 AF
  • Eastman Double-X 5222
  • Developed in Ilford ID-11 1:1 at 68F for 10:00 minutes.
  • Scanned with an Epson V800 using Silverfast
  • Tweaks in Adobe Lightroom CC

Since I was developing film and had all the gear out yesterday I took the opportunity to mix up a new batch of developer. I’ve been processing film at home using mainly ID-11 for a few months now. Some time ago XTOL was a subject on the FPP Podcast. I’m interested in seeing how it does with both Double-X, Tri-X and some other films. There’s a bunch of the Double-X all rolled up and ready to shoot plus a bulk roll of Orwo N74 sitting on the shelf. At the moment I plan to stay black and white for the duration of the project but we’ll see how it goes.



Rather than give myself strict guidelines for this project I’ve decided that wide latitude and hard boundaries are a better idea. Any camera (I have GAS), any film stock, any subject. The only requirement is to shoot, develop and post photos 52 times this year.

7 thoughts on “Week 1: One Thing Leads to Another

  1. Photographs of your gear and film stock are still photographs….I’m waiting on my slide film (week #1) to be developed, so I think I’ll post photos of my home darkroom to fill the gap.


  2. Love the little video you put in lol. I know that feeling 🙂 I like the results you got with that developer. I’ve only really ever used Rodinal but hoping to switch that up this year a little. Nice stuff!


  3. Procrastination is a deadly enemy. There is always something to clean/fix/ re-organize when a project intimidates you.

    These are great. I like that you captured the shell being ejected from the shotgun in the first photo.


    • Thanks! That particular shot I’m pleased with because I accomplished what I set out to do – capture the shell in mid-air. I am a terrible procrastinator and am slowly unlearning the habit of only accomplishing things once there is significant pressure (either internal or external) to do so. Doing so was part of the impetus to participate in this project, so I am very glad to be able to do so.


  4. Will be interesting to see your results with XTol, one of the few developers I haven’t tried yet. Do any of your friends do black powder shooting? I caught a couple ‘shots’ with a fife and drum group and they make pretty nice subjects.


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