52 Rolls Week 7:52

The Grey Days are beginning to pass.  Although I would expect 2-3 more snow storms before the end of Springtime.

So just a few views around the Neighborhood.

Hecla Pond, a little Wildlife Sanctuary near our home.  This and many other ponds were created by the collapse of old coal mines.  I had previously mentioned the ‘hard rock’ mining history of Colorado, and as the summer unfolds I’ll be able to show you some of those areas (snowed in and inaccessible until about mid June).  The small towns in my area, out on the Plains, were all old coal mining towns. Towns were segregated with each ethnic group having its own mining territory.  More about that later……


The mountains in the background are the “Flatirons”.  These are the foothills of the Northern Colorado Front Range. Above, the standard view, and below the angular view.


As I said the grey days are passing and I am hoping to get better view of the Flatirons and the Continental Divide.

I end today with a neighborhood shot of Adam’s Ducks and Chickens:


We are allowed a limited degree of ‘urban farming’.  I stick with the vegetables, but we can have some animals too.

Tech Info: Ilford Delta 3200 with a red filter. Developed and scanned by Old School Photo Lab.

P.S for a peak at one of the High Mountains (Longs Peak and Mt Meeker) that I can see while walking my dog, CLICK HERE.

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