Week #13 – My analogue GoPro

Easter Sunday and time for a ride in the morning – Priceless!  🙂

For documentation I took my analogue GoPro with me. Which means I hung the EOS 30 round my neck and tried to fix it using the zipper of my biker jacket. The camera was equipped with the fabulous EF 2.8/40 pancake, set on manual modus and adjusted into far distance. The camera was set on aperture mode with f8.0 selected. Shutter was set on self-timer.

During the ride I tried to capture some interesting points along the route. However, it turned out to be not so easy. I had to estimate the 1o seconds run of the self timer and to fumble upon the shutter button with those astronaut biker gloves in time (I never knew if the self timer was running or not until I saw the number of frames rising on the display). After pushing the button I tried to eliminate the vibrations with my body and stopped breathing for 10 seconds  – without losing control of the bike and the traffic.

Film was an Agfa APX 100, developed in Adox Silvermax 1:29 f0r 11 Minutes at 20°C. Past processing was done very little in Photoshop Elements (except picture no. GoPro 8 – I could not resist to put a zoom-effect on it…. ).

The results are great. Never thought they would turn out like this. I especially like the one with the little water tower sitting accidentally right between the cables of the bars. Here they are and I hope you like them.


9 thoughts on “Week #13 – My analogue GoPro

  1. Great shots there! Did you use the new Agfa 100 or the old version still made in Germany? Also, this makes we want to make an analog GoPro out of a Super 8 camera with an interval timer 😉

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    • Thanks! The old one, already expired, bought it on eBay. Super 8 is a great idea! I remember old racecar-movies with huge cameras mounted at the side of the helmets…. 🙂

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