Redscale film at Burning Man

I like to keep an Olympus XA2 loaded with some redscale film in a ziplock bag in my pocket while at Burning Man.   Unfortunately, I didn’t shoot nearly as much as I thought I would.
Here are the good ones.


Big robot lying on the ground.  You could climb up and look into his chest, where there was a heart.



A team from Barcelona build this.  It was cardboard tubes with (probably) rebar inside it.


Giant Weta shot flames from its antennae at night.


Made of transparent plastic.  Colored lights on it at night.



One of 2 gorillas.  Other is on the right.


The Temple


Inside a letter of a big piece spelling out words.

I wish I could go back and shoot more, but burning man is all about being amazed and active, or exhausted.

4 thoughts on “Redscale film at Burning Man

  1. WOW! Never made it to Burning Man when we lived in California, but friends of ours did. Excellent use of a special effects film. It’s all abut picking the right subject.


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