Week 46: Marietta Square

Marietta is a town that is about 15 minutes north of my office.  One day during lunch I drove up to photograph the square.  At one time I had worked closer to this location so I was very familiar with it.  There are always some interesting things to photograph and I love seeing what is new or changed.

While walking around, I did miss one opportunity.  There was a gentlemen sitting on a bench who called over to me.  He wanted to talk or tell me something, I don’t know which. I couldn’t tell of he was homeless or just lonely.  What I did was walk by him dismissively when I should have bartered with him.  I would listen to what he had to say and he would then be a subject for an impromptu portrait session.  I’m still kicking myself for not taking advantage of that situation.

Camera: Nikon N90s  Film: Ilford Delta 100  Lens: Nikon 50mm

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