Week 6: Slide film and sun


In week 6 I took my Nikon EM with me to work. We had the first beautiful sunny day, and I still had Agfa Precisa CT slide film in the Nikon. I had a meeting at city hall, and I decided to take the tram, get off a few stops before the actual stop and walk through the city center of Den Haag (The Hague).

The sun was lovely, and I took photos of the sculptures on the street, the Chinese gate and other things that caught my eye. City hall is currently covered in Mondriaan art, because a 100 years ago De Stijl started, an art movement with Mondriaan as one of the most important artists. As someone who appreciates De Stijl, I had to take some pics of the building too.






And after my meeting I took the train back to my hometown, but not before I enjoyed the lovely sunset.




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