ONDU pinhole in the woods

I got a 6×12 ONDU pinhole camera from Jana recently, and took it out for a walk on Cougar Mountain, nearby.

It’s f/133, and 6×12 gets you 6 shots per roll of 120.  You wind to even frame numbers.  I used the Pinhole Assist app for exposure.    I shot a roll of 1993 Agfa Pan ISO 25 film.    I set Pinhole Assist to ISO 10.  I should have made it ISO 5.     My exposures on a very overcast day were 8 minutes.

Cougar Mountain used to have a big coal mining operation, and there are still some cement structures, and a few mineshafts.    Now, it’s a park with hiking trails.



A plugged old mineshaft, and mining cart.


I look forward to shooting more stuff with this camera in the future.

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