Roll 15: Carson City, Nevada

This roll was shot on my Nikon FM2 with Kodak Ektar 100, 35mm film.  My subject:   Carson City, the capital of Nevada.

I was out and about the other day near the Governor’s mansion in the old, historical district.   Nevada is a unique place in that the Governor’s mansion has a private residence but is also public building.  There is even a small banquet hall to rent for private events.   The historical society has a “blue-line” walking tour down several miles of streets with a self-guided information brochure.   Many of the houses broadcast on specific radio frequencies and there is a section of tour called “Talking Houses” where you can listen to fabled stories of the historic homes’ previous residents.

For today, I started my tour at the Governor’s mansion.

gov mansion front

gov mansion flags

gov mansion sign

blue line

blue line flag

I did make it a little further down the street to the Bliss Mansion.  This is the home of D.L. Bliss who was quite the lumber, railroad and hotel entrepreneur in the late 1800’s.   This particular home is still operating as a bed and breakfast, as well as a haunted history tour.

bliss mansion

bliss mansion marker

great seal of nevada

Nevada happens to be celebrating its 150th birthday this year.   I hope to find some other historical markers to photograph for you soon … I love this kind of stuff, don’t you?

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9 thoughts on “Roll 15: Carson City, Nevada

  1. I love the first shot of the Gov mansion with the trees framing the shot. Great colors in all of them. And I spy what look like daffodils. We have a few stems poking out of the ground, but nothing flowering yet.


  2. I like the framing of the first one but it looks as if the building is leaning backwards – what lens were you using?


    • Ooooooooh, busted. I fought with this image and I took several shots. I honestly think the road is uneven and that plaque out front is wonky. I cropped and tried to straighten this photo, which I don’t normally do for my 52Rolls posts. It is a handheld shot, maybe I was leaning too.


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