roll 39_ a new 50mm lens

Lucky me, I picked up a 50mm lens for my Hasselblad 500 CM, at Blue Moon Camera in Portland, Oregon. My husband got some overtime pay and I thought he was going to buy himself a new lens but instead he bought me the 50mm. I’ve wanted one for sometime, especially once I started my series on alleyways. I just couldn’t stand back far enough with the 80mm to get wide enough for the alleys.

So on a Saturday we set out on a road trip to southern Washington for me to try this new baby. I used Ilford 400 speed film and developed it at home in Ilfosol 3. I think the next time I will take a comparison picture with the 80mm, but so far I am loving the 50mm lens. I noticed some stripes on the left side of my photos after scanning and wondering if it happened during developing or scanning. Any thoughts to help me in the future?

Hasselblad 50mm Washington_Hassie249 Washington_Hassie253 Washington_Hassie263 Washington_Hassie265 Washington_Hassie266 Washington_Hassie267 Washington_Hassie269

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