Week 2: Double exposure film swap

My Portland pinhole friend Monica runs a Facebook group called Double exposures on film and film swaps.   Last month she sent me a roll of 35mm C41 film that she shot.   I don’t know if the rules are that you don’t know what the other person shot, but I didn’t want to know.

I decided to re-shoot it with a Horizon 202 panoramic camera, redscale.    Knowing that the frames would be pretty busy, I wanted to shoot simple iconic stuff.   I knew the frames weren’t going to line up at all.

I met up with Jana at Seattle Center and burned through the roll.



I’m going to shoot a roll and mail it to her.  These film swaps are so fun!




12 thoughts on “Week 2: Double exposure film swap

  1. I’ve loved a couple of these films swaps I’ve seen lately on this and other Photogrpahy forums. Interesting how some of the images come out almost as if they are planned but obviously they can not have been. Really enjoyed exploring these images 🙂


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