Week # 5 Forest Grove OR Real Estate



Forest Grove,  OR, shot, developed and printed during week 4 of 2016 by me.  Ilford HP5 Developed in Rodinal, Printed on Ilford Matt Fiber Paper. Hasselblad 500CM + 80mm Planar

8 thoughts on “Week # 5 Forest Grove OR Real Estate

  1. I really like the geometry, how you use the furrows to draw the eye to the center. Did you think about experimenting with a 45° angle to see what that effect would look like? (I also like the film edge, did you have to file out a negative holder?)


  2. i am heading down to SF and LA this week so I will not be able to develop or print any fotos until i return some time in early March. when i do i will post what i think are the best fotos from each of the weeks to come.

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