[raulpc] week 21 – Reala

This is one thing that fascinates me, shooting with film and film cameras, that is, if you use a digital camera, you have ONE, the, digital camera, and that is it! You shoot and all the thought work is done afterwards, you do not have to think on the set.

With film, and film cameras, that is not so, editing is done on the set, and starts right before leaving home in this case. I have many cameras, my set of tools, one for every job, and a fridge full of film, rolls from small to medium format, and sheets from 4×5 to 11×14. So I have to think, because with each tool (camera) and each film (wood), I can get different results.

So I go out for a passeggiata on a hot summer afternoon after dinner around Lisbon and I decide to pick a camera from the shelf and film from the fridge, knowing the decision I make on camera and film will decide my results. So I usually pick up the camera I don’t use for long, and as this will be just random image making on the fly, some expired film.

There it goes then my Happo-66E, my most small medium format camera, all manual from start to end, and 2002 expired Reala… Sunny 16, f/16 all the time, focused to 6m all the time, meaning everything in focus from 3m to infinity, my kind of auto-focus, what a thrill, all or nothing will come out… this was it, no post editing, just plain film scan!



6 thoughts on “[raulpc] week 21 – Reala

  1. It’s so true! Picking the right camera, lens, film, developer, paper, developer, toner, filters to get the product you’re looking for.

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    • Thank you! No, unfortunately I can’t develop color, only b&w. I have tried to develop in E6 but temperature control is too hard. I could buy a Jobo processor but I prefer to save the money to buy film. So I take to a lab that does E6 and C41 to perfection! πŸ™‚

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  2. Hi – nice to see Lisboa again :-). I know what you mean – last year, before I started shooting film, I had *one* film camera – now I have six, and what is more amazing, I only bought one of them (a lot of generous ex-film shooter friends)! And the camera really does decide what kind of photographs you take…

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