Week 27 – Some Olympus Pen Half-Frame fun …..

img007-EditI have always had an affinity with Olympus cameras ever since school where I got to use my 1st proper camera an Olympus OM1.

There is something about the look and feel of all the olympus family of cameras, I especially love my OM2 spot which is most probably my most used film camera.

I have collected various olympus models over the years and love using the 35RC & 35ED but a few months back I picked up a little Pen D and jumped into the half-frame arena for the 1st time.IMG_20160716_175830The Pen D is small camera even compared to my 35 RC which is quite compact. It has a Zuiko 32mm f1.9 lens and a uncoupled selenium meter that  gives you the EV on top and you can adjust the shutter speed and aperture to match that value.

To be honest I was a bit unsure quite how accurate the meter would be so I shot in manual using my Sekonic meter.

I have seen loads of great images shot in half frame where the sequential frames run in a sort of a panoramic image which is what I tried ( not totally successful ).

I used ilford HP5 at box speed and processed it in ilfotec HC …. these are the frames that sort of worked the way I envisaged them at the time, I also got plenty of single frames as I shot 4 or more in a sequence but I will not post them in this blog as they do not fit the theme I was trying to convey.img023-Edit img022-Edit
img012-Editimg014-Edit img006-Edit img005-Edit img004-Edit img002-Edit img001-EditI was a very damp and misty day and I think the little Pen performed quite well and as usual HP5 gave me the look that I love, I did notice that some frames seemed to have some sort of flare or may be a light leak, it did not spoil any frames as such but it is something I will have to check out.

Thanks for looking…..

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5 thoughts on “Week 27 – Some Olympus Pen Half-Frame fun …..

  1. These are really beautiful. I am about to post the first of my adventures with a Pen as well. However mine is an EE which has no controls whatsoever and so is more like the Holga of Pens. I had a hard time setting up proper diptychs because I did’nt count frames from the start. I guess you could scan specifically to make certain pairings if you didn’t get them to start?

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  3. I was off grid for a few weeks when you posted this, but am glad to find it now. The Pen is in many ways my favourite camera, though I don’t use it as much as I should. I love making multiple frames into single images, and find the process of shooting them for that purpose to be quite taxing of concentration and visioning skills, and thus good exercise. I scan my own as I often shoot triptychs, and more.


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