Week 6…..52 roll.net

So heading into week 6,I had made another purchase!….Call me crazy,IDK,but I am so loving the film right now…..I purchased a zenza Bronica ETRSi ,came with a 75mm 2.8 zenzanon-pe lens, a film back(which was for 220 film, but searched the internet and found a back for 120 film) a lens hood and a prism.I purchased it on eBay….(which was kinda leary,but thought I would try it) through roberts camera. When I opened the box I  was amazed, it looked brand new!! everything was working on it, and the glass was crystal clear. I couldn’t wait to load a film in here and try this, and leaving the next morning for work, heading to Rochester,NY….what better place to start.

The destination was Nazareth College,Rochester,NY. It was 34 degrees in Rhode Island when I left….Rochester was 16 degrees……but I don’t think a blizzard would have stopped me from testing this camera out.I came home saturday night, late…so sunday morning developed and scanned…….and here’s what I came up with …..

Once again I used IlfordHP5 400 ….(big fan) I think I am now in love with the Bronica! My next couple of rolls I’m going to try Ilford Delta400….hope you enjoyed the pics…looking forward to next week.

11 thoughts on “Week 6…..52 roll.net

  1. Rochester is such a wonderfully inspiring city for photography. Maybe it’s that Kodak magic that hangs in the air! I’ve spend many days wandering Rochester taking photos. It’s appeared in most of my ’52’ projects.

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    • Yes I’ve been to Rochester a number of times with my job… also have pics of the Kodak building… beautiful area!


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