40/52 Fuji Pro 400H in Tiverton

I have not shot this film or my Hasselblad 503cx in a long while having decided to dabble in 35mm.  This camera is the pinnacle for me.  The 80mm lens pairs perfectly with it.  It is well balanced and I love the shutter speed and aperture controls on the lens, especially the ability to easily transfer an equivalent exposure with the press of a button and a turn of the aperture dial.  Using my Sekonic electronic meter with this camera seems to work well also.  It has spot metering capability that helps in a pinch.  But for the most part I meter for the light I want to emphasize and use that reading as my base.  The images have such depth and character.  As for Pro 400H my past attempts at its home development have not been good, but I’m getting better at C-41 souping, being careful to regulate temperature keeping the tank submerged in a bath of water at 102 degrees.  This is the best result I have had replicating the colors from what my eye saw.   On a beautiful day such as today, I love traveling along Route 77 in Tiverton and Little Compton.  I have so far only scratched the surface of the beautiful imagery this road has in store.  I returned to one of my favorite places, Peter’s attic.  I do so once a month as the quirky objects are replenished.   Lunch at the Provender.  All was right wth today.  I am up to 40 weeks or 40 rolls, I am not sure that the 40 weeks is correct as I may be ahead a bit but it’s ok.  I have enjoyed this experience very much so far.  I have another set of images from this film shot with my Rollei and will add a few of them also after scanning. Will return to this wonderful film again.

These images were shot with my Rollei 2.8F.  This day was overcast and I see why the package says this is daylight balanced film.   The images were blue casted and lacked contrast so I had to add a small amount of warming and a bit of contrast and saturation.  The shot of the bridge with driftwood and one of the lighthouse images show the innate characteristics of the film in flatter light.

3 thoughts on “40/52 Fuji Pro 400H in Tiverton

  1. Hi Lou,Im really hoping to make it tomorrow nite, but its possible I won’t be out of work till 6,we will see…ttys


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