Week 0: Disco Foxtrot [Introduction]

My name is Disco Foxtrot (nom de guerre). I’m an American who has lived in Germany for more than a decade.

I’m interested in photography of historical places and objects, especially those that may be relatively unknown or mostly forgotten.

This year I’ll be shooting with the Rolleiflex that I inherited from my wife’s grandfather 20 years ago, mostly Tri-X but with some color mixed in as well. I’ll also try to include contact sheets.

You can see some of my recent previous work on my Tumblr (discofoxtrot.com), or follow me on Instagram or Twitter.

11 thoughts on “Week 0: Disco Foxtrot [Introduction]

  1. Hiya, I bought a Microcord MKII to dip my toe into the TLR world…and I lIke it. Only thing it locked up on me today so I think I’ll have to spring for a service. Damn! I wanted to use that camera more on 52 Rolls.

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