18/52 Long Walk Home

We spent a few days in New York City.  Visiting the City is hard work, living there would be much harder.  On this day I carried my Yashica T4 and its annoying penchant for automatic flash unless the setting is turned off each time the camera is ignited.  We took in the Rolling Stones exhibit then the girls decided to go shopping and I wanted no part of that.  So I started the long walk home, about 40 blocks in the rain and the cold.  Some of the shots reflect that I was shivering and honestly they are the best shots.  All others in the street like me were in survival mode, fighting against the driving wind and rain and intolerant cheaply made umbrellas.  After running through this roll, I switched to my digital camera and took one shot that caused lots of problems.  The subject took objection, it was an innocent enough shot of him standing in a doorway.  He aggressively demanded I pay him or he would “ghetto” me.  I refused and otherwise killed him with silence as I kept walking and he prodded me with his umbrella as he grabbed mine and threw it to the ground.  It was a lesson to me, to be careful and more discrete in the street.  I have poste most of the shots from the roll, mostly unedited.  The ones I did edit suffered from fogging on the lens from being in my increasingly wet coat pocket and not being able to shut the camera off for fear of having to go through the “de-flash” drill.  Overall but for the unfortunate confrontation I had a good day of shooting.  The Yashica T4 is a good little point and shoot camera.  The lens is quite sharp and focus is accurate.  On this day I did not spend a lot of time composing and there is no way I could have managed a manual focus camera, especially after my umbrella was stolen.

5 thoughts on “18/52 Long Walk Home

  1. Great photos, unfortunate about the confrontation. One of the reasons I shy away from Street, but I would love to get over the fear and dive into it!


  2. These photos make a great essay of your walk. I agree that the ones with motion worked out well, perhaps an inspiration for some deliberate motion? I despise intolerant umbrellas, which most of them seem to be, so I never bother. It’s hard to take photos while holding onto them as well. Good rain gear including a rain proof pocket or case for a small water resistant camera (mjuii for instance) and all is good, especially if the flash can be set to off, and stay that way.


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