Rolls 7 & 8 Delightful Diana

I decided to put these two rolls in one post since they were both shot on the Diana. Since my Pentax 67 which I intended as my primary instrument for exploration of medium format this year has been in the ICU for a month I was left with the Isolette and the Diana. I am still surprised at the images from this piece of plastic. Roll 7 was another roll of the Cinestill 800 alpha run I got from their online campaign. So far I don’t love it but that might be because I haven’t shot it in a “real” camera. I wanted to test the properties of the film in low light so I took this one inside in the late afternoon.

Diana alpha001

A few weeks ago I went to a local Civil War reenactment with a photo group. I haven’t posted images here because most were 35mm, but here are a few. I really liked the shot of people eating lunch until I realized one person in modern clothing screwed it up. I also loved the “realistic” touches in the field surgeon’s tent. The property where this was held contains all sorts of hobbyist and collector spaces including tons of old steam engines, trucks, tractors. A hoarder’s paradise, but much of it functional. I took the reflection picture in the door of the reconstructed 19th century schoolhouse. There’s also a bunch of barns, a weavers studio, and on and on.

Roll 8 was Portra 400  shot at various spots in my town as part of my bigger project. This house had a big piece of land, a luxury in this part of the world, and looked like something straight out of the Midwest.

Sometimes my eye is caught by unusual and bright colors.

Sometimes it’s the dilapidated and neglected spots that are ripe for financial opportunists.

Diana 007

And I can never resist a good reflection, especially since it’s been unusual for several years to have enough rain to leave puddles standing around.

Diana 006

I’m impressed at the sharpness of many of the images. And this camera seems to have some magical property that makes all the colors super saturated.

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