Yard Party and Pentacon Six

I wanted to shoot square format again, but with something less unwiedly than a Mamiya TLR, so I picked up a Pentacon Six, which I’d always wanted to try out.   It’s just as unwieldly as a Mamiya TLR, though.   And no less obvious that you’re using it.   I got it for a little below market rate, but half the shutter speeds don’t work correctly at all.  But I can work with just 1/60th, 1/250th & 1/500th.
Some friends were having a backyard party, so I took it along.   I like the results.



Missed focus a little.  It’s hard to focus quickly and get candid shots at the widest aperture.


I just got a bunch of film back from Citizen’s Photo, so you’ll be seeing more from this camera.

3 thoughts on “Yard Party and Pentacon Six

  1. I almost laughed out loud when you wrote about hoping that the Pentacon Six would be less unwieldy. 😉 That said, the pictures you produced made it totally worth it, don’t you think? I personally love my P6 to bits. Especially with the gorgeous 50mm Flektogon on it. Now THAT lens makes it unwieldy. I really need to take it out again and maybe get a 80mm lens for it, too.


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