Week 29 …. Bronica SQai, some T-Max and a new Fixing test

img009I went for a nice 7 mile walk on Saturday morning right to the top of the valley I live and according to my runkeeper app I reached a climb of 2700 ft which is a record for me especially as I have ben recently diagnosed with bloody arthritis in both my feet.

Last week read and retweeted a post from a fellow film photographer about a different way that he fixes his negatives that I thought I would give a go … here is the link .. http://www.matthewthompson.ca/2-step-fixing-for-black-and-white-film/

img004I took out my Bronica SQai with the 40mm f4 and a roll of Kodak T-Max 400 that I shot at box speed and processed in ilfotec HC.

The new fixing method involved basically double fixing, I won’t go into specifics as you can read the original blog post.

At 1st glance as I checked the film out of the Developing tank I didn’t really notice much difference but when the film had dried and I later scanned them there was a definite benefit as the film edges were exceptionally clear and the resultant scans held an impressive amount of detail.

img008I usually try to scan my films pretty flat and then edit in Lightroom and the highlights/shadows and sharpness were very good, the detail that I get with T-max is usually very good anyway but I am sure that this fixing method has definitely given it a boost to my eye and well worth giving a go.img007img003I will try this on my fav film HP5 next just as the original blog post suggested.img005img010-Edit

Thanks for looking…..

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4 thoughts on “Week 29 …. Bronica SQai, some T-Max and a new Fixing test

  1. Nice, like the first tree a lot. Question when you scan. Do you scan the negatives in full color and then convert, or do you scan them as B&W?

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  2. Thanks for the info. I am going to try this with my next rolls of black and white (can’t remember what I have in right now). Some of these are really nice, especially the deep woods ones that have a rather creepy look. Although I always say that about pictures of deep woods…maybe it’s a personal thing. 🙂

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